You’re probably thinking I’m writing today to inform you of the next great operatic performance in Baltimore. Or to ask you for your financial support of one of the fine opera companies our city is lucky to have. In fact, I am simply asking for 5 minutes of your time and, if you are willing, a vote for someone who has touched many people in Baltimore, bass Jason Hardy. Many of you know Jason from his many performances with the Baltimore Opera Company or when he sang Leporello in Baltimore Concert Opera‘s inaugural performance of Don Giovanni in March 2009.

Everyone has a story, but there is none more amazing, devastating, encouraging, hopeful, touching and worth sharing, than the Jason’s story. Jason attended the Peabody Conservatory here in Baltimore. As our mutual friend, Brendan Cooke, would say, he spent much of his time pining away for his then girlfriend, Bevelyn…who also had quite a story.  Bevelyn had lost her husband to brain cancer, just a few days before their son was born.  She met Jason when her boy, Luke, was an infant.

Jason’s career was on the fast track, when they found out that Bevelyn had breast cancer.  They, of course, were shocked and terrified.  A few days later, they received even more news that they’d have to digest, Bevelyn was pregnant!  They found doctors that were willing to treat her cancer “around” the pregnancy…and soon, their miracle baby, Sabrina was born.  Bevelyn continued her treatment, and was ultimately given a clean bill of health.

Tragically, Bevelyn’s cancer returned. Treatment after treatment, set-back after set-back, Bevelyn remained an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  In 2007, Jason (and the rest of us) lost Bevelyn and leaving Jason a single parent.

Fast forward a couple of years…because this story has a happy ending, and you can help make it even happier.  Like his wife Bevelyn, Jason too was able to find love after devastating loss.  In 2007, he met a wonderful woman named Carrie. Many people search their whole life to find a soul-mate…Jason found two, and those that know him are eternally grateful that he has found Carrie.

Jason proposed to Carrie after opening night of a production of Le Nozze di Figaro…and she said YES.  Some charming video of the proposal can be found here:

Jason Hardy Proposes at the end of Le Nozze di Figaro

So, what does this have to do with you? Jason and Carrie have been entered into Crate & Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest to get their dream wedding. I can think of no more deserving people. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Vote for Jason and Carrie by clicking here
  2. Post their story to your Twitter account, Facebook page or Youtube channel
  3. Sign-up to follow progress on Twitter @JasonHardyATL or #FigaroWedding

Thanks for your time and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this story.